The Architect

Carlos Ballena is a web & graphic design student who enjoys learning new things and experimenting with projects like this website. He spends most of his time working on his computer and reading technological articles. Carlos and Ryan Merl created CrunchyWeb, a web development company that keeps them busy and gives them something to do for when things get boring.

Carlos' goal is to improve his skills and become a bad-ass developer/designer. His dream is to own a Lamborghini Diablo and get at least 3 speeding tickets on the first day. :)

Carlos hopes you enjoy this site and promote it. If you'd like to contact him, use this form.

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About SketchyWeb

SketchyWeb is an ongoing project created by Carlos Ballena. It is a single page portfolio website, that uses CSS and jQuery for navigation.

Although SketchyWeb started as a school project, Carlos plans to put more time into it and make other templates based on the same concept. He considers SketchyWeb to be on a very early stage and plans to add more funcionality to the site. If you have ideas on how to improve it or would like to collaborate on the site's development, contact Carlos using our form.

This site is brought to you by CrunchyWeb.

-- The Architect